A New Website! 2

 Happy Spring!

Happy Spring!

Hi Everyone,

WELCOME to my new website. Yes even I had to give into the pressures up updating my site. It has been a emotional journey because so much has gone into building my original site over the years, adding as I went, it was difficult to bring everything with me to the new site. All the wonderful clients and their dogs have been a huge part of my life and most of you have become like family. It has been a little over eighteen years since I opened my doors and had no idea what I was expecting.

I have been able to transfer most of the items but it was also time for a new update with all our new wonderful current students and their dogs. I could go on , but the website speaks for itself. I am excited to begin again but will never forget my roots.

I can not THANK enough Brooke Volk, who actually came to me with a behavior problem with her own dog, Jack! When Brooke walked in the door , It felt like I knew her and we became friends very quickly. Not sure how the whole website issue came up, but , yep you guessed, Brooke builds websites. tinyroomproductionsonline.com

I can’t tell you how patient she was with me and was willing to go on this transition with me. Many late nights and hundreds of changes and everything I wanted she made it work.

There will still be little things we need to work on but it’s up and ready for you to enjoy.

Thank you all so much, and check back at our blog often.

As Always Be Fun Firm and Consistent!









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  • Marylee Jenko

    Very smooth to go from different info to calendar! Great job Linda, but I wouldn’t have expected any different! Much love from the Borzoi at Tishka Borzoi! And always Ralph and I!❤️🐾

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