Canine Good Citizens and Therapy Dogs

We offer CGC Classes twice a year: once in the late Spring and once in the late fall. Please check back for the dates for 2018. They will be posted after February. Thank You.

You can contact me for a private individual test.

Please note: I do not train service dogs.  

Linda Scopa, AKC Certified CGC Evaluator, leads the team.

All of my dogs past and current are CGC Certified. This is a fun accomplishment for all dogs and owners to achieve. Come join us.

Class are offered only once or twice a year, depending on openings available. Classes run 5 weeks and students are tested on week 5. If you are not ready for the test, you will have to retest on another date. Fee is $98.00 regardless if you test or not. It is recommended that you have already taken one of Basic Obedience Classes. Please note there are no refunds.

If you are a new students wishing to test only, you may do so in an Evaluation or Private. Fees are listed on the Evaluation Page.

The Canine Good Citizens Test

The Canine Good Citizens Test is supported by the American Kennel Club to all breeds and mixed breeds. See for details. We offer classes to help guide you through the testing and provide information on local nursing homes accepting Therapy Dogs should you decided to go this route.

 If you are a nursing home or an activity planner seeking Therapy Dog Teams, please contact our TDI Coordinator, Rita Petrovich, Therapy Dog Chico,CGC,TDIAOV, at

TDI- Therapy Dog International
TDIA– Active Member – 50 Visits
TDIAOV– Outstanding Active Volunteer Member – 150 Visits
TDRVA – Remarkable Volunteer Award – 250 Visits

Rita has recieved her AKC  Canine Good Citizens Evaluator Certificate and we welcome her to the Team.

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Linda and Jersey CGC Team

Linda and Jersey CGC Team

CGC badge

Certified AKC Canine Good Citizen Evalutor