Adult Training Sessions

Thank you for visiting our  Obedience page. Obedience is recommended for dogs of all ages. Please see our Puppy Classes for starting at a young age.

Older dogs have excelled and enjoy having that special attention they get by attending an adult obedience class. We learn the basics, from sit, down, and come. We will work  to train your companion to be well-mannered at home and socially.  Many of our students thrive in obedience and continue on to AKC obedience titles. You are not required to compete to attend our training center. We train first and foremost for family manners and companion.

If you are a New Student over six months of age you will be required to come in for an Evaluation.

Obedience Classes Range from Beginner Pet Companion  to Competitive Performance Events. I have competed in AKC, Conformation, Agility , Obedience and Rally since 1990.  In 2012, I started competing in CPE Agility. Myself and my students are locally recognized in many title accomplishments in both AKC and CPE, AKC Canine Good Citizens Program and Therapy Dog.

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Adult Obedience

This class is offered for the dog who would like to continue with socializing and advancing their everyday skills. Class can contain basic skills to competitive advanced skills. This class mostly runs on Tuesday during the morning hours. Inquires welcome.

Rally Obedience

This class will combine your basic obedience skills with handling techniques.  Communication skills with various obedience exercises.  This class will gear you towards competing (although it’s not required), should you choose to test your skills under a judge. Fun and challenging. More detailed information is on the AKC Website.

Beginner Novice Obedience

A new venue introduced by AKC in 2010.  Great class for the after basic class dog and the retired dog. Includes Rally, Obedience, Sit for Exam, Sit Stay and Recall. VERY FUN and great way to introduce even the most novice dog to the ring. ALL ON LEAD. Do not need to compete to take this class. It teaches great discipline, and again, very fun for the retired dog that still likes to learn. One of my all time favorite classes.

Competitive Training for Companion Dog Titles and Open PRIVATES ONLY, if no ongoing classes are scheduled.

Certificates are awarded to Graduates of:

Basic Privates. For dogs over six months that have not had any training are required to start in private sessions. A private evaluation to determine handler and dog knowledge level is required. Specific criteria will be covered in order to move into a class and completed to earn the certificate.

Attendance. Completing all classes but not graduating to next level.

NO Refunds.

Chaos Jada and Princess Stripey holding dumbbells for demo and practice. 2017July



Some of our earlier days. Never forget how you started. All these dogs are gone now but such great memories and wonderful times.