Agility Classes

Agility Classes are for the active dog and owner team. A great activity to burn off that excess energy and build a wonderful loving bond between you and your dog. You will be advised on what class to take according to what classes are available. We train for fun up to competitive levels. It is not necessary to compete to join our classes. Our students have earned titles up to MACH 2 (Master Agility Champion) and have proudly had a Team member invited to the AKC Invitational 2006, 2007.

If you have an interest in continuing with your beginner dog, this means you have completed one or two sessions. Please email me so I may get an idea of who is coming back.

If you have not been in an Adult Agility class but are a student currently in another class. Please email me so I may get an idea of who is interested.

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Adult Agility Class – Beginner One

No Beginner One classes are offered this Winter Session. Check back for our Workshop in the Spring.

This is a beginne stage to learn about the dog sport of Agility. You will be taught basic handling skills, and will learn all the equipment.  All classes are designed for success. We will work at your dog’s level. For fun and exercise .

Handling Skills Adult Beginner Two 8 weeks $110.00

Summer Registration will open soon.

Most students remain at this level for two sessions, depending on the skills achieved by owner and dog. You’ll complete novice courses, including learning discriminations with sequencing. All classes are designed for success. You will master handling skills and start to prepare for competition, or just for fun. Focus work teaches you and your dog to work as a team.

Advanced Beginner Two

At this level, you will be challenged to compete and test your skills. Competition is not necessary to participate in this class. Complete novice courses are worked on for this session. You’ll also learn games to compete for Canine Performance events and/or AKC.

Competition Prep Agility Class

Students take time to Focus on strategies, work on courses, and see if you and your dog are ready for competing. You must be placed into this class. Current Students only. New students must be evaluated to join this class. Email for fees.


Current students who are competing are eligible to enter this class. Course strategies and individual exercises are main concentration. If you wish to join this class you will have to schedule an evaluation.


Need a hand? Stuck on a certain skill? Consider a private to get you over that hurdle!! No pun intended.


All new registrations must include a COPY of the Vaccination Records provided by your veterinarian and a current stool sample result should be recorded on the records by your Veterinarian. Kennel cough is recommended for any dog over 6 months. Rabies are not required to start the Puppy Socials Class. Flea and Tick preventative is highly recommended.

Current Students , A Registration Form must be received to save your spot. The Registration form is here.

Mail, along with payment, to:
Linda Scopa
PO BOX 164
FORBES ROAD, PA 15633 (do not put Greensburg)

Ohkom Farms reserves the right to combine smaller classes. Maximum students per class is eight, minimum is four.




Missing our little Kaylee, her favorite hang out!


Buttercup, my first agility dog. My forever soul mate.

Jada and Milo blue ribbon

The dynamic duo, My Jada Bean and her buddy Might Milo (John Terpko)

Chaos Level 3 CPE Agility Title.

To view our Agility Training pictures, click one below, or page through my album by clicking the first photo, then to the right of the photo to go to the next photo or the left of the photo to go backwards!

lex and auggie.jpg
Auggie and his human, Lex!