Ohkom Farms is a private facility. Therefore, all new students not enrolled in our Puppy Socialization Classes, who have missed the Puppy Socialization class, or are over six months of age are required to come in for EVALUATIONS before being registered into a class.

I do evaluations because until I meet you and your dog, I do not know what your needs are or what your dog’s skill level is . It may be necessary to attend a few private lessons to catch up on the skills you and your dog may have missed by not attending our Puppy Programs. Write a list of questions that you may have so we may cover everything. Once I evaluate you and your dog I will assign you homework and work out a plan for you to follow.

If your evaluation goes well, your puppy or dog can be placed in an appropriate class that meets your skill level, or we will continue on with private instruction if necessary.

Please be open to using a clicker positive based training method. I sell clickers at the training center for you to try.

Please see the What to Bring link for further information.

About the Evaluations

To secure your spot for an Evaluation please send in the Registration form along with the most updated copy of your vaccination records. This includes your Rabies , DHLPP, and your Bordetella. (kennel cough) Yes this will be necessary prior to being placed in a group class, as you will be around other dogs. Do not get your vaccinations the same day or even the day before your appointment. Your puppy or dog can be groggy from the vaccines. Please ask your vet to write on the form if your stool sample was negative or positive . Please note you will not get an appointment  unless your stool sample is negative. Stool checks are recommended once a year along with your yearly check up.

As of June 1, 2022 Evaluations are $65.00 PER HOUR. Cash Check or Venmo Please include the initial $65.00 fee with your registration to secure your spot. Refunds will no longer be given or transferred with out a 24 hour notice . Emergency and. unwarranted whether related incidents will be considered. A $15.00 hold fee will be subtracted from your fee.   Follow up privates will be $55.00. Please be prepared to pre pay your spots . I suggest 3 follow up privates if you are not eligible to be added to a class.

 Please be dedicated to the time for us to work together for maximum results. You may want to bring a notebook to take notes. Please do not feed your dog its full meal prior to an appointment  as they will not want to work. Soft treats are recommended. You may see the “What to bring link” for the remaining of the suggestions. 

Once the evaluation is completed, fees will vary according to time spent with you and your dog and teaching you the proper skill set to reach your goals. My background and experience of twenty plus years dedicated to full time training with all breeds and behaviors will put you on the right track.

NEW Addition due to time restrictions . I will be re-adding my Phone Consults as done during Covid , to help you and your dog get started until there is time to add you back in person schedule. Phone Consults will also have to be pre paid and all information still has to be sent in.  You will receive 2 , 30 minute phone sessions and 3 follow up emails. Fee is $55.00.  I do accept Venmo. This is a good option if you need help right away and I can usually add you in with in a week of contact.

I look forward to helping you and your puppy or dog. Lets get training.

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Thank you and we will see you soon!