Adult Training Sessions

Our Ohkom Calendar and Events is here.  This will show you all the classes and events we hold, the  start of classes and the end of classes. When I am open and when I am closed. Please refer to it often.!  The Registration form is here. See Intermediate Obedience Below.

Obedience is recommended for dogs of all ages.  Better to start at a young age, but older dogs have excelled and enjoy having  the special attention.  We learn basics, from sit, down, come to train your companion to be well mannered to competition levels. Many of our students have AKC obedience titles. You are not required to compete to attend our training center. We train first and foremost for family manners and companion.

If you are a New Student over six months of age you will be required to come in for an Evaluation.

Obedience Classes Range from Beginner Pet Companion  to Competitive Performance Events. I have competed in AKC, Conformation, Agility , Obedience and Rally since 1990.  In 2012 I started competing in CPE Agility. Myself and my students are locally recognized in many title accomplishments in both AKC and CPE, AKC Canine Good Citizens Program and Therapy Dog.

Instructor’s Choice

A Class for the dog who wants to do everything, this class is allotted for Instructor to choose the activity (obedience, rally,  open obedience, agility) for the class. This is a pre-advanced to advanced level class. Students will be asked to help with equipment set up and tear down.

Rally Obedience

This class will combine your basic obedience skills with handling techniques.  Communicational skills with various obedience exercises.  This class will gear you towards competing, not required, should you choose to test your skills under a judge. Fun and challenging.

Beginner Novice Obedience

A new venue introduced by AKC in 2010.  Great class for the after basic class dog and the retired dog. Includes Rally, Obedience, Sit for exam, Sit stay and Recall. VERY FUN and great way to introduce even the most novice dog to the ring. ALL ON LEAD. Do not need to compete to take this class. It teaches great discipline and again very fun for the retired dog that still likes to learn.

Intermediate Obedience

Registrations Open. Tuesday January 10, 2017.  630-730 8 weeks $110.00.  Class must have 4 to run. Time to ask more from your companion.  We will work on precision of skills already learned. Sit stays, one minute down stays three minutes. Lead up to working some skills off lead. Positive interaction, motivational games between handler and dog are learned. This class may be repeated.

Summer Discount Passes ( no spaces availalbe at this time)

Worried to sign up for a whole session and you’ll have to miss for vacations, family events, unexpected company. Limited funds? No worry. Ohkom Farms understands and wants to make it easy for those that want to keep training and those that may want to come and socialize with your friends. This will meet all your needs. You must be a graduate of a basic plus class. See Intermediate Obedience for description of how class will run. The classes will run thru the summer so you have choices of when you want to come. A registration is required absolutely for this Summer Pass deal. Hope you like it!

Competitive Training for Companion Dog Titles and Open PRIVATES ONLY, if no ongoing class.

Certificates are awarded to Graduates of:

Basic Privates. For dogs over six months that have not had any training are required to start in private sessions. A private evaluation to determine handler and dog knowledge level is required. Specific criteria will be covered in order to move into a class and completed to earn the certificate.
Attendance. Completing all classes but not graduating to next level.

NO Refunds.




All new registrations must include a COPY of the Vaccination Records provided by your veterinarian and a current stool sample result should be recorded on the records by your Veterinarian. Kennel cough is recommended for any dog over 6 months. Rabies are not required to start the Puppy Socials Class. Flea and Tick preventative is highly recommended.

A Registration Form must be received to save your spot. The Registration form is here.

Mail, along with payment, to:
Linda Scopa
PO BOX 164
FORBES ROAD, PA 15633 (do not put Greensburg)

Ohkom Farms reserves the right to combine smaller classes. Maximum students per class is eight, minimum is four.