In Memoriam

Zoey is sadly missed Bill and Jean Hutchinson (Angel)

Brady .is sadly missed by Tylene and Lew Walker (Berry)

Goldie, is sadly missed by our Ohkom Family (Berry)


Murphy is sadly missed by Marty and Pat Luterman ( Angel)

Molly, is sadly missed by the Davis Family, Patti, Rick, Adam and Kevin (Berry)
January 15, 1997 – July 6, 2009


Mikey, is sadly missed by Lee Spencer (Angel)

Taylor is sadly missed by Gail and Jim Cimino (Berry)

Ryder the sire to our beautiful Berry (Jennifer)  and Angel( Angel) Litters  missed sadly by Jill Taylor

Angel is sadly missed by the Ohkom Family
(Cody and Abby)

This proves to be the hardest page to complete. But I will try to push myself to honor the memories and to share with you all that is my life. For those that have had that special dog in their hearts, you know that feeling never leaves. I know I speak for the owners of my beautiful Redheads as well as myself their existence made their lives so much more fulfilled.
OUR “Laddie”
(Cody and Abby)


The amber of morning fills the sky, And caresses the wave and rock below
Over the emerald surface the wind howls a cry
On this isle peace and love grow, For it is at the rainbows ends
This leaper cons gem
To this place God’s glory He sends
A place where luck grows on a steam
Where Shamrocks fall from our sweet Sage
Here the Setters run about and play
Embodying the patients, faithfulness, and love of age
From this paradise they are never taken away
The bounding fields of green, The giant bluffs over looking the sea
The most immaculate views ever seen
Only with God can this be
So heaven looks wonderful indeed
It was where Ireland was copied

To the loving memory of Sage  PICTURE MISSING Last photo of Sage November 2002(Cody and Abby)

My buddy, my friend,
my companion, my puppy, May you rest in peace on that emerald isle in the sky

Written by Kevin Davis one of the many owners of our “Sagey”
Sage is sadly missed by the Davis Family, Patti, Rick, Adam and Kevin

PICTURE MISSING  Murphy Owned by Sally Jenson, Florida. (Cody and Abby)

Murphy enjoyed walks on the beach, playing with his buddies, and loving his owners, we will miss you sweet Murphy.


PICTURE MISSING Owned by Dave and Krista Gill, Greensburg
Oscar was just one year old when he died in car accident,2005 Such a sweet boy.

PICTURE MISSING  Owned by Judy and Don McMahon, Ligonier
Finn came from the Shelter and was misunderstood by some , but not Judy. She knew he was special and so we worked together training him.  Finn loved going to the beach with his Mom and coming here at the Farm to play with the redheads.  We truley miss him. Finn was lost to us in a car accident. 2005