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Ohkom Farms is celebrating 23 years.   We are so excited to reach this goal. Thank you for all that have believed in me  and my dogs and giving me the opportunity to work with you and your dogs. Many dogs and wonderful memories. Here’s to many more

Join us for the Adventure

Join us for the Adventure

UPDATE  June 3 , 2022

We are open and training. Please note that class sizes are still limited. I will not hold spots unless I receive your registration with all required vaccination records for your pups and your payment. Summer  Puppy Socialization Classes are running on Thursdays at 6:30  and Tuesday mornings at 11:00.  We are registering now for  TULLA Thursday June 16, 2022 . Registrations DUE JUNE 10th.  Email at ohkom@winbeam.com for a registration . I will be accepting registrations now for puppies that will be 12 weeks on June 16th. Younger puppies will be start on Tuesday June 28th at 11:00 am.  with SAMPSON.  Registration Due June 21. This is a unique opportunity to train with MY PUPPIES. Get inside training tips and more. All new puppies owners  should see the What to Bring link for more information, or email at ohkom@winbeam.com . You will have a tough time reaching me by phone. A face book group has been created for you to follow along. This is an additional fee and if you cannot make the class you can just join the on line FB class . 

Current Students Please see the calendar below for your classes. Any Questions please email me. ohkom@winbeam.com

Swimming is open to Ohkom Farms Students Friends and Family. All new inquires will have to follow all regular procedures of Evaluations . We are a private small pool . details to come. Classes coming soon and privates to be scheduled

Please send your registrations to hold your spot for the next class. Checks are NOT cashed until the class is set, having your registration will help make it easier to start a class.   Please make sure you are including a copy of your vaccination report along with asking your vet to please mark the result of the stool samples. Classes will fill quickly. 
Please note I will place you in the class according to breed and age as necessary. 
I will be allowing two family members to attend per puppy more as space allows. 

Classes will run 45 minutes, 6 classes , $135.00
(late registrations fee is $150.00, if openings)

NO REFUNDS once class is set. If you do not make a class it is up to you to follow along your lessons in the puppy book I provide and some  training video’s are on my You Tube channel you can follow along with. You may schedule a private to cover  the material you missed as time allows . This will be scheduled as a private and be charged for a private. This is a separate time and can not be compared to group rates. Privates are $55.00. 

Spots are not held unless a registration  and payment , along with required vaccination proof is received.  
AN Emailed registration will not be accepted. See What to bring for info.


Now lets get training

Please note

 Ohkom Farms will continue to comply with all the updates as provided by the CDC. We no longer require masks but please ask if you are not feeling well to please not attend . If you prefer to wear a mask you can do so.

The best way to reach me is through email at ohkom@winbeam.com  

For new students evaluations  limited spots are available and a registration form must be received to hold your spot with your fee of $55.00. Spots will be filled on first received basis. 

As a private facility you will receive one on one attention for you and your puppy in a distraction free environment . 

I invite you to check out my training videos page and also subscribe to our YOU TUBE channel  where can find many training exercises. See the link above in the header.

 Please do not hesitate to send in your Registrations as this will guarantee you a. spot . Once received you will be contacted with in 5-7 days. 

Mail to: Linda Scopa, PO BOX 164, Forbes Road, PA 15633 Cks payable to Linda Scopa. Registrations will have deadlines.  Again THANK YOU FOR your patience and UNDERSTANDING>

Weather conditions are considered . It is up to you to check on my Ohkom Farms Facebook page for  any cancelled classes. Please like our page to keep updated. I do not post on my website for cancels. Please like our FACEBOOK page . If you do not have Facebook you can email me. 



Download the Registration Form Learn More About Our Online Classes Dog Food and Vitamin Pickup Hours


 If you missed classes, email me to set up your Evaluation and Consultation. Puppy Problems? Pulling, jumping, biting? Don’t wait. Solve the issues before they escalate. ohkom@winbeam.com

  I reserve the right to change dates and times according to registrations received. Your spot will not be saved with out your registration form and your class fee.  Thank you.