Ohkom Class Calendar and Events


Ohkom Farms is celebrating our 21st Year. We are so excited to reach this goal. Thank you for all that have believed in me  and my dogs and giving me the opportunity to work with you and your dogs. Many dogs and wonderful memories. Here’s to many more

Spring Puppy Socialization Classes will start on  Thursday March 5. Please Inquire through the CONTACT US form so you may be added in the class, or email at ohkom@winbeam.com

 See link below for more information.

Classes are 6 weeks. $120.00 6:30-7:30.

Meet My Newest Addition “Whiskey” Girl Join the Whiskey Brigade and come train with Whiskey.

 All Agility Classes will resume in March. 

All Team Agility Classes will continue as scheduled at Ohkom .

Weather conditions are considered . It is up to you to check on my Ohkom Farms Facebook page for  any cancelled classes. Please like our page to keep updated or email me . The best way to reach me if a new client is through the CONTACT US page form. 

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Dog Food and Vitamin Pickup Hours

CLASS Hours are noted below on the Calendar BELOW. Scroll down to Calendar. This is when you can stop for food and supplies.  Holidays hours will vary.  Please also check the dog food hours link. ohkom@winbeam.com

Your Registration Form must be sent in with the check for 2020 classes. E mailed registrations forms will not be accepted. No Refunds after start date.   See Evaluations to start with a private session. Please note Puppies should not start class participation until they are 12 weeks. Please tell your vet you are joining a class and you will need the bordatella vaccine along with other recommended vaccines. Please see the link for WHAT TO BRING under Training.  For under 12 weeks ask about Home Visits.

Mail to: Linda Scopa, PO BOX 164, Forbes Road, PA 15633 Cks payable to Linda Scopa. Registrations will have deadlines. 

 Puppy Socialization Classes  Openings

Thursday March 5 6:30- 7:30 6 weeks $120.00 

Spots are not held unless a registration is received.  Your checks will only cash if we run the class. See description here.


Please See the TRAINING LINK for the Video Links for helpful puppy tips while you are waiting for your class to start. Stop your Puppy From Pulling.

Puppy Activity Class (Class Two)
Tuesday March 3 7:30-8:30
6 weeks $120.00


Puppy Plus Obedience (Class Three)
Current Session Filled

Saturday Adult added contact to be added to the class

Current students will have first priority to class spots. If you are a new students please see the Evaluation information.

 If you missed classes, call me to set up your Evaluation and Consultation. Puppy Problems? Pulling, jumping, biting? Don’t wait. Solve the issues before they escalate.

  Click the appropriate class below for info.   I reserve the right to change dates and times according to registrations received. Your spot will not be saved with out your registration form and your class fee.  Thank you.