Ohkom Class Calendar and Events

Find your class below to see if it will start as scheduled. ALL Agility classes will start as scheduled. As always weather will be considered. It is up to you to check with me or my Facebook page Ohkom Farms Training Center.  

Please find the Registration form here.

 Training Center Hours for Food pick up http://ohkomfarms.com/shop/merchandise-and-dog-food/
CLASS Hours are noted below on the Calendar BELOW. This is when you can stop for food and supplies.  Holidays hours will vary.  ohkom@winbeam.com

Your Registration Form must be sent in with the check for 2018 classes. E mailed registrations forms will not be accepted. No Refunds after start date. Registrations are Due one week before the start of each class.

Mail to: Linda Scopa, PO BOX 164, Forbes Road, PA 15633 Cks payable to Linda Scopa. Registrations will have deadlines.


Spring Classes.

Agility Run Throughs Finally. TUESDAY May 15 , 6:30 – 8:00. NOT a class, open to students that have taken an agility class or Puppy Activity Class. 4 Runs $15.00.

New for Spring. All Tuesdays will be for Evals, Privates and Ring Rentals for Agility Practice when regular classes are not being run. Email to Schedule a time slot. ohkom@winbeam.com

NEW Me and My Dog Classes for 18 month to 5 years.  Classes Start June 21. http://ohkomfarms.com/me-my-dog-center/

Continue of Beginner Agility and Year Two Agility Classes Starts in JUNE. You may Rent our Agility Ring in April in May as weather allows. Email to Schedule a time slot. ohkom@winbeam.com

 Puppy Socialization Classes (Class One) , Two Openings
Date has moved to April 5, The first class will be at 5:30 then move to 6:30 on April 12 . 6 weeks. $105.00 Openings still available , Class will run as scheduled.


Click on your class below in the calendar to see if you made the deadline

Please See the TRAINING LINK for the Video Links for helplful puppy tips while you are waiting for your class to start. Stop your Puppy From Pulling.

 Puppy Activity Class (Class Two) One Opening
Thursday April 5, 7:30. 6 weeks @105.00 Class will run as scheduled.

Puppy Plus Obedience (Class Three) FILLED
Wednesday April 4, @ 7:30@  8 weeks  $120.00
Registrations due now.
Current students will have first priority to the spots. If you are a new students please see the Evaluation information. Class will run as scheduled.

 Please find the Registration form here.

Rally Novice Obedience and Beginner Novice Ob.
Monday April 2 7:30-8:30 .  Filled
Note there is a Girl Scout Community Event on April 23. No Class that night. If it rains we will have class and no class on April 30. Class will run as scheduled.

 Adult Obedience  has moved to 11:00 on Tuesdays. Drop in $15.00. Working on advanced obedience skills.  If you are new to Ohkom Farms, you will need to come to an Evaluation before being moved into this class. This Class will start as scheduled.

Train On Line . Easy , Inexpensive , and Rewarding. For Parents and Kids.  Start Today: http://ohkomfarms.com/me-and-my-dog-program/

  If you missed classes, call me to set up your Evaluation and Consultation. Puppy Problems? Pulling, jumping, biting? Don’t wait. Solve the issues before they escalate.

  Click the appropriate class below for info. When your registration is recieved, your name will appear in the drop down  bar on the calendar date of your class,  once registration date has closed.  I reserve the right to change dates and times according to registrations received. Your spot will not be saved with out your registration form and your class fee. Thank you.

Ask for Samples of our Dog Food and Supplements. For Info about Dog Lovers Gold Dog Food and NuVet Supplements,  click   Here.http://ohkomfarms.com/shop/merchandise-and-dog-food/