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Ohkom Farms opened in 1998 with a wonderful group of students that are still my lifelong friends.

Doggie Summer Picnic Summer 2003

Doggie Summer Picnic Summer 2003 Our Summer Picnic is an Annual Event. See Calendar for Current Dates.

Here we are so young, lol, open-minded and full of wonder about the world of dog shows. I have been in the world of dogs way back when. Now, as a trainer, I was excited to introduce my students to this wild and crazy world.

We treasure those moments and remember our friends and companions who have passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

I am working on archiving all the past photos’ from all our wins and they will be available on the Ohkom Farms Shutterfly account soon…  since there are way too many to post on our website!

Our current student graduations will be posted on our Facebook page. Please like us and visit us there.

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