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TRAIN Don’t Complain!

Train your dog what you want them to learn. I believe in Positve Reinforcement training. One of my pet peeves is owners always using the word no. Yikes. no does not direct the dog to where it is to go or be. For basic pet companion training, I like to incorporate games, toys, and  treats. Once you and the dog come to a communicational understanding, training can advance from there.  I like to use loose lead training, by letting the dog find you.  Do I use the training tools out there as needed for safety issues. Yes.

Pet companion training and competitive training for the owner is very different. I have trained my own personal dogs and client dogs for over 20 years. My personal philosophy has been the same.  I never used a choke collar on my dogs, even when it was required in classes, way back in the day. I was the rebel and only would use a buckle collar on my dogs and they  always passed.

I like to use the clicker and feel that is an excellent tool for tuning up your dogs skill and listening skills. I believe in teaching your dogs to wait at the door before they are allowed out and wait when they come in, it  is just basic manners.  Remember,  all your dog wants to do is please you. Teach them what you want from them and they will respond. Screaming is not an option! Have a plan for success.

As Always Be Fun, Firm, and Consistent.

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