What to Bring

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What to Bring to Class

All Classes are taught with Positive Reinforcement Methods. You are required to bring your own treats. SOFT treats are preferred. Cheerio’s only in the Puppy Socials Class until further instructed on what to bring.

Reminders of what you will need in this class:

Buckle Collars only. Choke collars are not permitted in the puppy class. A leather leash is preferred and are sold at the Training Center . You may use a light nylon one to start. I will help you with your equipment.  A treat bag, fanny pack, for your treats. All members of the family that are participating must wear one. Cheerios only for Puppy Socialization( Higher classes see recipe below or any soft treats of your choice)  for Lesson One and Two.  I will provide meat treats during those times if is necessary. Use only cheerios at home as well. Lesson three you may add some meat treats to your cheerios. A simple recipe is to take a hot dog, (beef or chicken), cut in half long ways, then long ways again so you have four strips.  Cut those strips in to cubes.  Lay flat on a paper towel and microwave for one minute.  Mix the cheerios and the hot dog in a baggie so the cheerios will absorb the juice. This will help make a smelling tempting treat as we   Most of all dress comfortably, tennis shoes are preferred.

All Vaccinations must be updated and Stool Check with negative results. Proof is required. Kennel Cough is recommended. Flea preventive such as Frontline or Advantage is required in the summer months.  I recommend starting in May through November.  Heartworm preventive is recommended, please check with your vet for recommendations for your area.  All dogs to remain on leash unless otherwise instructed. PLEASE clean up after your dog.

You will be required to call at least one hour prior to classes if the roads are in climate during the winter months.  Classes will only be cancelled if half the class cancels. I must have time to inform the remaining students.  Please note I do not have a phone at the building but please leave a message if you are in the second set of classes.  Dress warm and comfortable.

Notices and Newsletters will be sent by EMAIL only. If you wish to receive these updates please e-mail me at ohkom@winbeam.com with your E mail in the body of the letter or put on your Registration Form.  Copies of up coming events will also be posted on the bulletin board at the Training Center for those without emails. Students should check emails if weather in climate for cancellations or CALL.


Please Pick up after your own dog.
Leashes must be worn at all times outside in the exercise areas.
I recommend a crate for your dog to travel in or a doggie seat belt.
Bring your own water bowl, such that has a lid on with your dogs name on.
Water is available if you run out of water.
Do not let your dog charge up to another dog in a crated area.
All children five and under must be accompanied by a second adult.
Children are welcome to come and participate. Note, Children must be able to take instruction from the trainer.
Cell phones should be turned off during class, notify instructor if phone must be on for emergency purposes.
Port-a-John services available

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