Food, CBD Oil, and NuVet Vitamins

Jada .Eating DLG since a puppy. All  my dogs enjoy this food.
All life stages , complete balanced dog food.

 UPDATE December 28, 2021

  Contact me. or private message or text .

There has been a price increase in food as of March 2021
$54.95 plus tax 

I am usually at the building about 10 minutes prior to classes if you need to stop earlier.  IF need food or supplies, please EMAIL  me  if you can not come during designated hours and I am happy to set up a time to meet you IF I am available But not on Friday or Sunday or Holidays. Saturdays I am open if I am not at a  dog trail . Refer to calendar for Holiday and Dog Show closures.

THANK YOU For your Business.

Saturday: and Sunday.I am normally at DOG Shows . If you can only pick up on Saturday, please give me a notice by Wednesday’s.   Please refer to the Ohkom Calendar which shows my whole schedule. If the weather is bad, please call or email for pick-ups in case classes are cancelled. During the day or early evening by 7:30 is best for pick-up.Weekend response may be limited as I may be at trials or showsThank you!Dog_Lovers_Snag

Good nutrition is critical to a healthy dog! I’ve chosen DOG LOVERS GOLD to feed my dogs. I started feeding this food  2005/2006. I am very happy with it. I find it perfect from puppy to senior, from performance dogs to  show dogs. This is a quality food made right here in the USA, and is soy-, wheat-, and corn-free. I have raised three litters of puppies on this food from 5 weeks old.  Breeder quanity discounts are available . Stop by during classes to pick up samples of food, oil, and vitamins. Samples of Dog Lovers Gold, Sea Pet Fish Oil for amazing results and a shiny coat. Nu Vet Vitamins, and Nu Joint  samples are also available!


Go to the NuVet link to order your vitamins on line today for direct home delivery. You can also pick up your Vitamins at the Training Center .

SeaPet Omega PURE Fish Oil can be purchased at the Training Center .Or you can order on line with coupon code ohkom30.
Oil Orders of $75.00 recieve free shipping. Enter the code ohkom30 and receive 30 % off your order.