Me and My Dog – Level 1

me and my dog logo 2Welcome to Level 1 of the Me and My Dog Program!


Hi kids!

You are now a member of the Me and My Dog Program. You’ll find puzzles, videos, worksheets, and more to help you learn more about your furry best friend.  Have fun and take a look!


And Hi, Parents!

Thank you for entering our Me and My Dog page with your child. This is a fun site for you and your child and your dog to engage in together. The program was designed to teach children about dogs.

Please help them find the correct answers to the worksheets below.

Here is a video of our program that we hold at Ohkom Farms Training Center. We also do school visits and community events. Any questions, please feel free to email us.

How-to Videos

These videos demonstrate Basic Care of your Dog, and Level 1 Obedience lessons. Watch both videos, then make a video of yourself performing 2 of the Basic Care Activities and 1 of the Obedience Lessons with your dog. Then, upload it to Youtube and fill out the form at the bottom of the page to get your Me and My Dog Level 1 Certificate!

Pick from these activities:

  • Brush your dog
  • Put a collar on your dog
  • Put a leash on your dog
  • Have your dog sit
  • Have your dog lay down
  • Have your dog come
  • Give your dog water
  • Tell your dog to spin/circle
  • Give your dog a hug
  • Have your dog give paw



Level 1 – Part 1 Video


Level 1 – Part 2 Video


Do you know what items to bring home for your new dog? Complete these worksheets, then show them on your video or upload a scan! You can even take a picture of the finished worksheet and send it to us.

Dazzle is Coming Home!


Dogs Can Talk with Their Bodies!



Can You Find Dazzle? Print me out and solve the maze!


Find Dazzle!

How’s Your Memory? Click Below to Play Our Doggie Memory Game!
Coloring Pagecoloring-page
Connect the Dots!connect-the-dots-v2
Do You Know How to Make a Dog Tag?dog-tag-exercise

Ready For Your Certification Test?

Are you ready to submit your training video and earn your certificate? You can upload your video to Youtube and send us the link. If you’re not sure how to create and upload a video to Youtube, click here for a step-by-step video. You may want to ask an adult to help. Then, just fill out the form below and attach your worksheets if you’ve scanned them or saved them to your computer. Once your video and worksheet are recieved and reviewed. If you are qualified you will receive your Level one certificate. You can also type any questions into the form and we’ll answer you as quick as we can!