Puppy Classes

COVID 19 UPDATE Feb , 2021

Hi Everyone . Thank you for all the inquiry’s for puppy classes .
I am accepting Registrations for our 2nd round of classes for March. March 11 is the target date. IF we have enough for a day time class those will be on Tuesdays.
Please note on your Registration day preferred. It is ONE person per puppy. If you want additional people to attend with you , please register for a private. Fee is $55.00.
Classes will run 45 minutes, 6 classes , $135.00
(late registrations fee is $150.00, if openings)
Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Mail to : Linda Scopa PO BOX 164 Forbes Road, PA 15633
Covid regulations will apply. Masks are required.
I look forward to getting started.

 We will continue to operate under the CDC recommendations. Due to the variety of ages and skill sets of your puppies, several classes will be set up to test what classes your puppies should be in. One on ones are recommended if you are not sure. Please email me for registration form and detailed information. Classes will run with only 3 to 4 puppies to allow us to continue with social distances recommendations and safety . In the past we have always welcomed all family members to attend classes. We now can only allow one person per puppy currently. If you prefer working only with your family a private session can be set up. 

Welcome and thank you for coming to my site. You have lots of questions, and I will try to make this paper work part as simple as I can so we can get to training you and your puppy.  I have Three Puppy Classes, plus the AKC Star Puppy Certification (optional). The best way to reach me is through the Contact Form on the contact link. Please see the calendar page for hours.

You and your puppy start with our Class One, Puppy Socialization (six weeks); then  you will continue with us through Class Two, Puppy Activity (six weeks) and Star Puppy (test is usually 15 minutes  at the end of Class Two),  and Class Three, Puppy Plus Obedience (eight weeks),  all of which are described on this page.

Please see what to bring here.

If your puppy is 6 months or older, you will start with an Evaluation. I also offer private puppy primer sessions prior to  your puppy being enrolled should you have immediate behavior you would like one-on-one instructions with. Home Visits are available as time allows.

Once your puppies have completed all the Puppy Classes and met the criteria for moving on,  they can enroll in the Canine Good Citizen Program and our Agility Program. Advanced and competition levels are also offered.

CLASSES are ONGOINGPlease note I cannot hold spots without the registration form. If you’ve missed the deadline, your registration will be held until the next available spot, or when 4 puppies have signed up for a new class. Classes fill quickly, so it is suggested to send in the registration prior to the deadline. Deadlines are  6- 8  days prior to classes starting. A  final  confirmation will be sent out to you prior to the start of class. I appreciate your patience. Thank you.

Sorry, there are NO Refunds after the Registration Deadline. A credit will be held over for use of 6 months.

A completed Registration form must accompany your check on every class. Please find the Registration form here.  Please see Registration Requirements below to fill our your form.

Your puppy will go through Class One, then Class Two, then Class Three.

CLASS ONE : Puppy Socialization,  Ages 12 -18 weeks. ( Small breeds may be older): If you need help prior to that age , please set up a private or home visit. IT is NOT recommended to start puppy’s at 10 weeks. This is a fear period and  puppy’s are not properly vaccinated at that age. 

 Fee $135.00 Six Weeks. Classes are 45 minutes to an hour.
A completed Registration form must accompany your check.  Please find the Registration form here. When you sign up for all three puppy classes a discount will be applied , please inquiry. 

My puppy class is a MUST go to class for all new puppies and their owners. We will learn proper socialization, name recognition, “Watch Me” “Come”, “Sit” , “Down” (lay down) and “Off”. Topics of discussion will include potty training, puppy manners, crate training, grooming and leash training, spaying and neutering issues and more. Learn the proper way to meet and greet an older dog, meet new people without jumping, clicker training, and training with distractions. Learn the proper toys and games to play with your puppy. (This course is an original creation by Ohkom Farms. Copy of any materials is prohibited. No discounts!) NOTE: This class is followed by a Puppy Activity and Puppy Plus and both classes are recommended for completion of puppy socialization.

CLASS TWO : Puppy Activity, Ages 5 1/2 months to 11 months.

Fee $135.00.  Six Weeks . Classes are 45 minutes to an hour.
A completed Registration form must accompany your check.  Please find the Registration form here. Current students included.

Another original class from Ohkom Farms. This activity class has proven extremely successful in the testing stages of your puppy’s development. We combine this class with Obedience skills that have been started in the Socials class along with introduction to Agility equipment, motivational games and positive and fun interaction with you and your puppy. A class for the whole family to participate in.

AKC Star Puppy Test Fee is $15.00 Due at time of testing.

The AKC STAR Puppy test is offered for any puppy that passes their 6 week puppy socials or puppy activity class. Tests will be offered through out the year to accommodate puppy’s up to one year of age. Click to see the Star Puppy Test for more information.  A brochure and explanation of test will be given during your puppy socialization  class.

CLASS THREE : Puppy Plus Obedience,  Ages 8 months and up.

Fee $135.00, 6 weeks. Classes are one hour. A completed Registration form must accompany your check.  Please find the Registration form here. Current students included.

Please note I have the right to schedule the classes as registrations are received. It is your responsiblity to check the Ohkom Calendar and Events to see when the class is starting. If your registration is NOT received, I have no way of knowing you plan to come. Registrations are always due a week before the class starts. Thank You.

For puppies who have passed their Puppy Socialization and Puppy Activity, or have been moved into this class. Continuation of socialization, heeling on lead, recalls with distractions, sit and down stays and more. Positive reinforcement for basics and helping you through those tough “doggie teens”. Most puppies will test you at this age and stage of learning. If you have started with our Class One you will have the tools to deal with these behaviors and this class will expand those tools and help you stay focused on the task. If you are new to the program several private lessons to catch you up will be necessary. New students over 6 months that have not been in our Puppy Socialization Class are required to come in for an Evaluation before being scheduled into a class.

New Students

If you are a New Student you will need to call to schedule an Evaluation. If you have a Puppy you will automatically be enrolled in the Puppy Socialization Class See info above. If your puppy is older than 6 months you will be required to come in for an evaluation so I may meet you and your dog.

Certificates are awarded to Graduates of:

Puppy Socials. All six classes must be completed. Make ups are accepted.
Puppy Plus. Seven of the eight classes must be completed.  Sit and down stays for 30 seconds.  Recalls off leash. Must be manageable on leash heeling.
Attendance. Completing all classes but not graduating to next level.

NO Refunds.

From our Humble Beginnings

From our Humble Beginnings




To our graduate of today 2015. Eighteen years of training your dogs and loving every minute.

To our graduates of  2015. Eighteen years of training your dogs and loving every minute.

Presleigh and Dazzle bringing in the next Generation. Come Join us. Kids are welcome.

Makayla and Gino graduating their Puppy Activity Class. 2017

Madera earning her AKC Star Puppy Medal. Owner Carol Black. Ask how you can earn yours.

REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS>All new registrations must include a COPY of the Vaccination Records provided by your veterinarian and a current stool sample result should be recorded on the records by your Veterinarian. Kennel cough is recommended for any dog over 6 months. Rabies are not required to start the Puppy Socials Class. Flea and Tick preventative is highly recommended. Please see Dog Training Page for more information.

A Registration Form must be received to save your spot. The Registration form is here.

Mail, along with payment, to:
Linda Scopa
PO BOX 164
FORBES ROAD, PA 15633 (do not put Greensburg)

Ohkom Farms reserves the right to combine smaller classes. Maximum students per class is eight, minimum is four.