Me and Reggie


This is Reggie Ragtail Renegade, CD. My First Irish Setter. He was actually bought at a pet store, before we all knew where pet store puppies came from, in 1989. I started training dogs with a wonderful women Helen Fox. She saw that Reggie and I had great potential and helped guide us to our CD title in 1991. From there I was hooked.  I started training with a local obedience club but decided to continue in the show ring for a while. My first love is obedience and I will always be grateful to this wonderful dog , who made me love doing and now teaching obedience. This is at the Christmas Classic in Cleveland with an entry of 40.  We won 4th place in a run off. I never knew what a big dog show this was. He earned two first places his first and second legs. Reggie was nearly 15 when he passed.

My first show dog was purchased from a local breeder in 1990. CH. Kenobi Awesome Ominous Sky, aka CODY.  Cody was my first Champion. There are no words to describe this wonderful journey we went on. We were admired by many and told we made a great team.  We earned our Championship title in 1992. Cody went on to many multiple breed and group wins. We competed in the prestigious Westminster Dog Show, NY.   I bred my first litter in 1994. This litter the “Indian Litter”, led me to my first success in my breeding program. Cody was bred to my first little girl Kenobi Beyond Believing aka ABBY.  Abby was a spirited, sassy, young girl. She was the Girl that just wanted to have fun. Her and Cody brought me my first beautiful litter. From there the Ohkom Pedigree was born. See Jennifer and Angel and Little Doc.



Jennifer. Click photo to see her story.

“Jennifer” Ohkom Wild Strawberry, whelped my first Bred by litter the “Berry Litter” Five of those puppies became  US Champions, and two US/Canadian Champions. They are  Am Can. Ch. Ohkom Goldenberry, CGC aka “Goldie”   Ch. Ohkom Windberry, CGC,  aka “Jake” Am Can Ch. Ohkom Sunberry, aka “Brady”  Ch. Ohkom Zoomberry JH,CD “Taylor”  and Ch. Ohkom Razzberry Ms. Madeline. “Madeline” The Berry Litter was my first pride and joy, winning numerous Irish Setter Club of America Awards.






Goldie. To see album click here.

Goldie. Click photo to see her story.

“Goldie”  Am Can Ch. Ohkom Goldenberry CGC,  My First Bred by Champion. My first Canadian Champion. Goldie was bred once and had one puppy.  ” Glitter ”   Ch. Ohkom’s All that Glitter’s, RN, CGC.

Jake. To see photos click here.

Jake. Click photo to see his story.

“Jake”  Ch. Ohkom Windberry CGC My second Bred by Champion. Jake had one litter. “Kaylee” Ohkom’s Lovin’ Spoonful, CD,RE, OA, OAJ, CGC,    “Duncan”  Ohkom’s Love at First Sight CD, and “Charm” Ohkom’s Charmed into Love, CD.






Angel. Click photo to see her story.

“Angel” Ohkom Shimmering Waters CD, CGC, whelped the “Angel Litter”. My Second bred by litter.   She produced Four Titled Offspring.  Ch. Ohkom’s Rock n Roll Angel, CD, RA, NAP,CGC.  Ohkom’s Shimmering Angel CD, RE, AXP, AJP,CGC.  Ch. Ohkom’s Angel in Disguise CD, CGC, TDIA, and Ch. Ohkom’s Angel of Mine. The Angel Litter went above and beyond my expectations.



Buttercup To see her story click here

Buttercup. Click photo to see her story.

“Buttercup” Ohkom’s Shimmering Angel CD, RE, AXP, AJP, CGC. Buttercup was one of nine puppies that was born here at Ohkom during a torrential down pour and thunderstorm. The minute that little girl was born I named her Buttercup, my favorite spring wild flower, since the rains brought this little precious flower to me.

Megel. To see his story click here.

Megel. Click photo to see his story.

“Megel” Ch. Ohkom’s Rock n Roll Angel, CD, RA, NAP, CGC
Megel was my third Bred by Champion and also my first dog to have titles on both ends. He has no offspring.



“Little Doc” Ch. Ohkom Born to be Wild . Doc became my first  Champion from my first litter. He sired the Best of Breed Winner at Westminster 2001, Ch. Shadowmere’s Penny Saved. Owners Karren and Lloyd Harrson. One of the Highest honors a breeder can imagine.



cgc Jersey

Jersey. Click photo to see her story.

“Jersey” Hillock’s Jersey Girl, RN, NA, OAJ, CGC  I know… it’s a Golden. I always had in the back of my mind I would someday own a golden. She come to me, November 2003,  on a challenge for my Training Program. Her Offspring, born December 4 2006, Dazzle, and Fancy. Let’s see what’s to come.