Me and My Dog


Me and My Dog: A program for Kids about Dogs. by Linda Scopa

Hey Parents!

Wish you could find a new way to get your kids excited about training the family pup that THEY wanted to bring home?

Now there is a way!

All kids want a challenge, and with today’s technology, you and your family (along with your family pup) can learn and practice basic manners, obedience skills, and tricks, right in your home with my online dog training program. It’s based on the dog training classes I offer at Ohkom Farms Training Center.

It has always been a passion of mine to train puppies and their owners from as early an age as possible. Over the 18 years of my professional dog training programs, I have met and worked with thousands of dogs and their families.

In 2009, I took the fun directly to the kids with the Me and My Dog Program at our local schools. My dogs and I would present to 70-100 kids per session. Programs have been given at my Training Center and around the area at Community Events. Over the years, I have trained more teams to help me on this quest. The kids’ interaction and questions about how they can train their dogs inspired me to create this online program so I could continue to assist them at home with their own dogs.

Come join us at our Me and My Dog Online program today to inspire your family to work with your pup. All ages are trainable with our easy step-by-step video program. Kids can earn Level certificates and create a lasting bond with their pup. For more information, go to my website and register today!