Ohkom ‘s Shimmering Angel, CD, RE, AXP, AJP, CGC, TDI
CH. Captiva’s Ride with the Wind x Ohkom’s Shimmering Waters, CD, CGC

April 10, 1999 – May 22, 2012


Buttercup was one of nine puppies that was born here at Ohkom during a torrential down pour and thunderstorm. The minute that little girl was born I named her Buttercup, my favorite spring wild flower, since the rains brought this little precious flower to me.   She did have her moments and thought at one time she was a herding dog.  We had cows that came to the fences at the that time, and she would climb up over that fence and chase those cows back to the barn. I can’t believe she never got trampled. She would come back with briars all through her beautiful coat, and I would sit and pluck them all out, her tongue hanging to the ground and yet so proud of herself.  I think that is when her nine lives began.

Buttercup educated kids since she was 6 months old, when she earned her Canine Good Citizens in September 1999 at just 5 1/2 months old. Demos have  included  the Girl  Scouts, Action for Animals, YMCA, various nursing homes, Greensburg Salem Career Days, and Maxwell Elementary fourth grade. Buttercup has seen well over 2,500  children during her life time and made and impact and enriched their lives during these visits.  In  2009, Buttercup invited you to  visit her and her family here at Ohkom Farms for a brand new program for Kids about Dogs. The program Me and My Dog will live on in her memory.

Buttercup was still at it at in 2008 at nine years old, and learned Rally. She loved training and being on the road with me and earning ribbons again. She  earned all three Rally titles in one year at nine years old. She earned her Companion Dog early on in 2002. Due to a back injury 2001. her Agility Career seemed to crash to an end. When AKC introduced the Preferred classes we gained hope, and with careful training and rehab,  she earned both her Excellent A Preferred titles in AKC and Novice titles in NADAC. Her precision and love of the game in agility will never die. Buttercup matched or beat times of the standard runs in her jump height, finishing 90 percent first places. She continued to enjoy a romp in the agility yard at her own pace. She retired from competing agility in 2006, when she earned her last Excellent Title.  She will be missed on the road.

I could fill my whole website with the beautiful photos of my setters. One more perfect than the next. For those that have loved and lost, there are no words to say of the love they give us, day and night, unconditionally.  Although they are all so special to me and have enhanced my life to the fullest, Buttercup has touched more lives than any dog I have ever owned. She taught many puppies with her sweet gently nature, never ever harming a single creature. Always there to protect the little bunnies, baby birds and kittens from the other dogs. She is the one that lives in my heart now and forever. She will never leave me and I will carry her lessons on for as long as God allows me to. Until we meet again,  my sweet Buttercup. May the shamrocks be soft just as you are. You will always be with me.  

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Buttercup EX Title 1.jpg
Buttercup and I competing at our last and final trial. Rally Excellent Title. November 28, 2008
Buttercup EX Title.jpg
Buttercup Rally Excellent Title Our Final Time in the Ring. November 28 , 2008
September 2002
September 2002
In Action.
In Action.
September 2002, Buttercup's first runs.
Novice. September 2003, Open (photo by pupart)
Buttercup_web_7_23_03 (1).jpg
July 23, 2003
Waiting at the start line for an Agility run.
Kaylee , Buttercup, Goldie at the Irish Setter Club of America Nationals.
Earning her Excellent Rally Title.
Angel (mom) Megel (brother) Buttercup. Always had them posing for Photo Shoots! 2005
At one of our Many Picnics held by the Training Center.
Just celebrated their 13th birthday with brother Gunner, left, Buttercup middle, Megel , left .April 10, 2012